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T Life, producer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. When he was a child he lived in both Philadelphia and Miami Florida. Ever since T could remember he has been interested in music. Some of his first memories were playing Latin and calypso music in hotels along South Beach. Even then at the tender age of 12, T was working as a professional and knew he was born for stardom. 

When T became a teenager he and his family moved permanently to Philadelphia. He soon found his way back on stage when he answered a call for a bass player with a rhythm & blues group called The Butlers, who later became known as Frankie Beverly and Maze.

T’s talents were not only as a guitar player and vocalist, he was a talented songwriter and producer. He decided to use those talents at Gamble & Huff’s record label: Philadelphia International Records also known as Philly International. There T worked with such artists as Bunny Sigler, Instant Funk, The Intruders, The Ebonys, The Spinners, Carl Carlton, Eddie Kendricks, Jermaine Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass and more. T was also signed to Philly International as an artist with his rock group Spiritual Concept, where they released their first album “Spiritual Concept”. In later years T became a solo artist on RCA Records with his album entitled “That’s Life” and also on Arista Records with the album “Something That You Do to Me”. 

It was at Philly International Records T’s career as a producer took off when he heard a young girl singing in the bathroom as she worked cleaning. Her voice was one of the most powerful voices he had ever heard for someone so young. Her name was Evelyn King, who later became known as Evelyn “Champagne” King.

T produced many hits with Evelyn. One of which was entitled “Shame” that made its mark in the disco era and in T’s career. He obtained a nomination for producer of the year with the American Music Awards and won the distinguished BMI award with his publishing house Mills and Mills Music Inc. T also produced Evelyn’s “Music Box” album and her single “I Don’t Know If It’s Right" which both went gold and platinum.

Other artists T produced were Phyllis Hyman’s “Somewhere In My Lifetime” album and Vicki Sue’s “Movin On” album, just to name a few. He has worked with stars such as Luther Vandross, Irene Cara and Eve, as well as great musicians such as Will Lee from The David Letterman Show, the talented arranger, George Andrews and many , many more. 

It is his diverse taste in music and ear for finding the best of best that makes T Life such a talented producer, manager and artist. T currently owns Boom Baby Entertainment LLC, his own production and recording company in Philadelphia, PA.  He is currently managing some promising new musicians. The explosion of talent will put T on a new powerful journey of releasing not only his own raw talent and creativity to the world; but also give a chance for some very rare, never before seen artists, to be heard across the world.

T Life recently has worked with many professional artists for charity in Phila. to honor his fallen artists as well as working on projects in the US and Internationally. He had the honor to present Evelyn Champagne King with her Star on The Avenue of the Arts in Phila. in October 2019. 

T Life released his new single "Rougher and Rougher", a powerful rock/blues song from the album "New Bluez Fuze", in the USA on Boom Baby Entertainment in 2017. The following year he released the powerful video of "Rougher and Rougher". The lyrics are very meaningful in retrospect to what was going on in the world then and is even more relevant today. 

In December 2019, "Rougher and Rougher" was re-mastered and released in the UK.  Due to the unforeseen, worldwide tragedies starting in early 2020; it was decided to hold off on a full campaign and focus on more  humanitarian issues.  T Life and his company concentrated on family healing and creating many more wonderful works and future projects. One such project includes the remake of one of his most beloved songs "California Woman", which will be released in the year 2023. 

In May 2023 the T Life Music You Tube Account has been created for a very specific and exciting purpose. Over the coming year T Life will be uploading his life's work onto this channel so fans can enjoy his catalog of music from the early disco era, soul to his current music. T Life hopes you will join him in all his exciting, magical endeavors which will come to fruition in the upcoming year.  Subscribe to T Life Music on You Tube and watch the first video "Rougher and Rougher".    

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